Monday, April 5, 2010

Powerful Ways to Boost AdSense Revenue

Are you interested in boosting your AdSense revenue overnight? The following ideas are the very ideas that tripled my AdSense earnings when I applied them to my first ad supported website. This article will explain the reasoning behind each strategy, and will follow with my particular application.

Ad Positioning

If you want your ads to get clicked on, you have to put it in a place that it will be seen. Each website is different, so it may require a little experimenting on your part. Typically, the most effective position for your first ad unit will be directly under the title, before the content begins. Another effective position for an ad unit is at the end of your content. Your visitors, after reading your article, will wonder what they want to do next. If you place an ad in this position, they may click on the ad. Google gives you one more ad unit. You will have to experiment to find the best position for this one.

My Application: On most pages I placed one text ad directly under title before my content begins, one text ad following my content and one text ad to the right of my content. This ad position strategy provides me with earnings that are far above the 3% average.

Ad Formats

There are many formats to choose from, and some perform better than others. The wider formats, being easier to read, generally outperform the narrower formats. As a rule the best ad formats are the 1) Medium Rectangle, 2) Large Rectangle, and 3) Wide Skyscraper. They are all wide formats, and provide visitors with the maximum number of ad links. Other ad formats should only be considered when space is a concern.

My Application: On most pages I included two medium rectangles, above and below my content, and one wide skyscraper to the right of my content.

Ad Colors

It is best to blend you ad colors with your website. Blue links are recommended, because this is what most people are accustomed to clicking on, and borders should be eliminated. These elements will not only improve your click-through-rate (CTR), they will also improve the overall look of your website.

My Application: The links are blue, and my ads have no border. Gray text under the link, and gray text with a colored URL were both tried. No noticeable variation in CTR occurred.

If you are ready to step out from the crowd and begin seeing your profits soar, the first step is to learn how to track your ad performance with AdSense Channels.

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